Smoking weed with pond and mgmt

Okay so I can’t really fangirl over this on twitter or instgram because mgmt follows me so I’m going to write about it here. Tonight was surreal.
I went out on a limb and decided to try to see pond at this record store in Brooklyn even though it was 21+. My friends Veronica and Sandra who are also under 21 came along, and by some chance of lucky we got in. Pond was amazing — I think they sounded even better than on Wednesday. Most of the songs they played were from their new album.
As we were leaving, I see Will Berman from MGMT at the the bar. He told me he was going to be there so I wasn’t too surprised. I went over and said hi and it was so casual it actually felt like we were friends or something. I mean, we follow each other on Instagram so I guess we’re kinda acquaintances now?

My friends and I stayed outside to smoke for a while. Next thing you know, I’m smoking weed with half of MGMT and POND.

It started when Joe from Pond came over and talked to us. I still can’t believe he came to us, not the other way around. Then Ben fucking Goldwasser came. Then Will joined along with his gf Alix Brown (who by the way, is intimidating as fuck), and last to join the group was Jay Watson of Pond and Tame Impala.

I asked Jay if GUM was having any shows in NYC and he said maybe next year. Then we had a weird sort of dialogue:
Jay: oh, I’m Jay by the way. I feel like we’ve met before
me: yeah I’ve met you twice
Sandra: on Wednesday!
Jay: what was your name? Me: Alexa Jay: oh yeah, well I’m going inside to get a beverage I’ll be back *doesnt Come back*
And he leaves. First of all, when I met him on Wednesday, he said he remembered me. And today he acted like he vaguely remembered me but not really. Maybe it was just a way to get my name? and also, why did he leave so quickly??? wtf Jay. Maybe it’s cause I dyed my hair black and the other two times I’ve met him I’ve been a ginger?! Idk.

Anyway, it was all kinda weird and kind of cool. Joe was so cool and down to earth. Will acted a lil weird when he was around Alix. I have a feeling he likes my friends and I (in a friendly sense) but I hope I didn’t come off as stalkerish or too groupie-like. Hanging out with them kinda made me feel like it.

At the end, Joe invited us to go to this place (bar/venue) with them but again (will invited us to go to bar last week) it was 21.

So that was my night. Now I’m waiting for the subway next to a sleeping guy in aqua pants and a fur coat.

New York, I love you

I’m still freaking out over the fact Will Berman invited my friends and I to a bar and MGMT followed me on twitter… but I have to focus on math :-(

So I went to see POND today. As we were exiting we saw Jay and I told him that we had met before and he said “Oh yeah, I know, I know”. Yeah that my first wtf moment of the night. Most people from my school can’t even remember me. Then will Berman passed by —the second wtf moment. my friends and I talked to him for quite a long time. I was trying not to be super creepy but its hard pretending like you don’t know everything about something you love. Mind you, mgmt had been my favorite band for the past 7 years. We talked about the podcast, his side band and Wesleyan and he mentioned how he wasn’t in mgmt in the beginning bc he got in a fight with Ben and andrew or something so that’s when hank stepped in and now hank is back again. Anyway he was sooo sweet! I told him they answered my q in the podcast and he asked for my username. We even talked about where we lived and college for a tiny bit. Then after like 15 min his friend came out and he invited my friends and I to go to a bar with him but we were all under 21 so we couldn’t go and we said bye and he said “see you Friday hopefully” at which point, I almost died. Then we talked to Nick for a while about random shit like museums and thrift stores and I don’t even know what. Then I checked my phone and I had a follow from MGMT on twitter and I literally started to cry and then I really died
That was my Wednesday night in a nutshell ok goodnight I love my life right now